Thursday, July 27, 2017

Miami County Parade

AuBurn Pharmacy had a great time walking in the Miami County Fair.  Thanks to everyone that used our Snapchat filter and thanks for being a great community.

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

AuBurn Pharmacy Corporate and Garnett store walked in the Anderson County Parade. They had a great time being out in the community. Thanks for helping our Snapchat take off! Here are some of our favorite pictures!

Tuesday, July 25, 2017

ACHS Crimson Dancers

The ACHS Crimson Dancers Dance Team attended the Universal Dance Association dance camp in Coffeyville, KS July 12-15th and turned in an excellent performance. The dancers brought home a total of 2 trophies, 33 Blue ribbons, 3 Reds, Spirits Sticks, Coaches Award, Drill Down Runner Up and All-American and Pin It Forward Award.

(Back Row: L-R) Eileen Burns (Head Coach), Aubree Holloran, Caitlin Weirich, Ali Owens, Lakin Katzer, Sammy Jo Walters, Kelcee Finn, and Renee Duke(Asst. Coach) (Middle Row: L-R) Paige Rupp, Olivia Burns, Grace McAdam, and Elly Trumbly (Front Row: L-R) Cami Burns, Lexee Feuerborn, McKenzie Evans, and Maggie Kneibler.

The squad of 14 dancers was presented with a Blue Ribbon and second place trophy for their home routine performance choreographed by their squad Captains.  Additionally, the Crimson Dancers received a Superior Trophy for their total on Evaluation Ribbons. These ribbons are earned during the third and fourth days on individual evaluations for routines learned every day of camp.  Each dancer is responsible for learning 3 routines and is expected to then perform each of those for the instructors.  The instructors then award a blue, red or white ribbon based on that performance.  Each ribbon color is given a point value.  All the ribbons are then added up and an average ribbon point is then given to the team as a whole. The teams with the highest average receive a Superior trophy.

Other awards the squad received were the "Camp Spirit Stick" and the traditional "Spirit Sticks."  The "Camp Spirit Stick" is given the first night of camp by the instructors and gets passed on to a different team each night. The traditional "Spirit Stick" is awarded at the end of every day of camp by the instructors to squads who have shown great teamwork, respect, and attitude. The ACHS Dance Team received Spirit Sticks every evening of camp.

Monday, July 24, 2017

Serving Our Students Event in Paola, KS

Mackenzie & Ed attended SOS (Serving Our Students) at Paola School District back to school event! They helped sign up customers for the FREE AuBurn Healthy Kids Vitamin program. Shown is Jimmy the coordinator of the SOS event in Paola, KS. Thanks for having AuBurn Pharmacy again this year we enjoy attending and sharing our passion for health.

Wednesday, July 19, 2017

Auxiliary and Volunteer Luncheon

Mary & Kenneth attended the 21st Annual Miami County Medical Center Auxiliary and Volunteer Luncheon.

Open House Hand-Me-Ups

Congratulations to the Southeast Kansas Multi-County Health Departments on their NEW location. Thanks for letting AuBurn be apart of your open house event today and see the new Hand-Me-Ups area.